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  1. Extruder MK7 .4mm Nozzle

    Extruder MK7 .4mm Nozzle


    Precision machined brass nozzle has a .4mm bore, for use with the Extruder MK7 Learn More
  2. High Temperature Adhesive Tape (8MM*33M/260-C)
    Specifications: Polyimide Heat Resistant / High Temperature Adhesive Tape -8MM*33M -260-C Learn More
  3. High Temperature Tape (20mm 200-C)
    Specifications: - Withstands high temperature - Designed for industrial use - Size: 20mm in width - Weight: 2.19 oz Learn More
  4. MK7 Extruder Complete Kit
    MK7 Extruder Complete Kit - MK8 .4mm Brass Nozzle - 40W @ 12V Cartridge Heater - MK7 Aluminum Thermal Core - MK7 Stainless Steel Thermal Barrier Tube - MK7 Stainless Steel Mounting Plate - Stepper Motor NEMA17 - 5mm shaft - Type K Thermocouple - MK7 Fan - 40x40x10 - Makerbot Safety Cutoff Rev D Kit (assembly req'd) - 10mm Wrench - Metric hardware for assembly and mounting Learn More



    TOM 3D PRINTER Announcing the TOM 3D printer. A breakthrough in 3D printing technology! All other 3D printers can only do one thing at a time and then requires human intervention while the TOM 3D printer prints thing after thing! Buy it, put it together or buy it completely assembled and enjoy being the first on your block to live in the cutting-edge personal manufacturing future of tomorrow! Fully Assembled – Calibrated and Tested Mk7 Extruder Gen4 Electronics High Quality wooden frame panels – not from cheap and brittle acrylic Fully Assembled and tested before shipping Firmware loaded – no additional programming is required, the stepper board current is also calibrated for optimal motor speed All cables installed – no soldering, stripping, crimping Just install ReplicatorG and print away! Learn More